‘…like a hero out of some impossible mythology – of Indians in Iceland, of Vikings in Tibet

– Aldous Huxley, Island (1962)


It may sound like an impossible combination, but Vikings in Tibet put the two contrasting elements of their name to good use. With a raw, rhythmic pulse, they steadily make their way through vast and other-worldly atmospheres. In tune with bands like Balthazar, Grizzly Bear and The National, they describe their music as cinematic indie with a good solid groove.

Hailing from the north of the Netherlands, Vikings in Tibet was formed by two brothers with Danish roots, who soon ran into a light-hearted Englishman and pulled a drummer straight out of the Dutch clay. Together the band set out to build their own studio in the catacombs of an abandoned university complex. Here they joined forces with producers Matthijs Herder and Geert van der Velde (The Black Atlantic) to record their first album.

A certain restlessness can be heard throughout the record and is also reflected in its title. “Alchemy Ave.” refers to the personal path that each of us takes, tirelessly striving for perfection in our increasingly chaotic worlds. In a constant state of worry about what we are to become, we fail to realise what we are. We’re all alchemists, searching in vain.

These restless Vikings have set their sights on creating more albums in the future, as well as performing memorable live shows that are equally atmospheric and energetic. Whether the ancient Vikings ever reached Tibet is still up for debate, but what’s certain is that these guys have set sail for the unknown.


2017 | Release of “Alchemy Ave.” (album) | Release of “Silver Years” + “Listen/Repeat” (Pelican Sessions)
2016 | Release of “Silhouette” + “Löwenweise” (singles) | Shows at Melkweg Amsterdam + Popronde
2015 | Release of “White Room” (single) | POPgroningen Talent Award winners
2014 | First appearances at Eurosonic Noorderslag + Bevrijdingsfestival
2013 | Release of “Petrichor” (EP) | First show at Vera Groningen
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Jeppe Gooskens
        Joe Wilcox        Niels de Jonge        Marijn Gooskens
Guitar + lead vocals           Bass                     Drums                    Guitar + keys